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Portfolio diversification
made easy.

Many members of our network have multiple investments with us, and we encourage this diversification strategy. 

Now, we are making it easier by offering accredited investors a single investment that prioritizes their allocation every time Brightspark invests in a new company.

Simply invest a lump sum in the Brightspark Reserve, and we will automatically allocate the funds over multiple investments.

Professionally managed

Optimized diversification


Guaranteed access

Very competitive fees

How it works

Simply pre-fund a Brightspark Reserve account, set a default allocation amount for every new company investment, and sign a single set of documents. Your funds will be held in escrow and automatically applied to new Brightspark investments.

Our team curates early-stage investments based on a strict VC due diligence process. When we invest in a new company, you will receive an email to alert you of your coming investment.  You have a 7-day window to review the investment, and you have the right to opt-out or change your amount. Every quarter, we will send you a customized report so you can track your portfolio’s progress.

$100k minimum for the Reserve amount

$10k minimum allocation amount per individual investment

No additional fees 

Cancellable at any time

Available to accredited investors only

Guaranteed allocation, even in the companies in highest demand.

Over the years, many of our investments have been oversubscribed, and some of our members were disappointed to miss out on opportunities that filled up too quickly.  

With the Brightspark Reserve,  your investment is in front of the line, and guarantees an investment even if you are busy or away. 

Maintain full discretion on your investments.

You can choose not to participate, or to change your investment on any given investment. 

Simply let us know -  we will make the adjustment and save your remaining Reserve  funds for future investments. 

One set of documents, one wire transfer. 

You only need to complete a single set of documents, and send us your payment once.  Then, you sit back and relax - your money is held in escrow, and released on a deal-by-deal basis with no extra work and no fuss.

 All your updates, documents and progress will be posted online. 

Your investments are
in good hands. 

The Brightspark Managing Partners have many years  of experience as venture capitalists and startup operators. 

Their diligent approach to investing has helped Brightspark achieve industry-leading returns, and their leadership style 
continues to attract some of Canada's best tech companies. 

Meet the Brightspark Partners, and learn how to invest with the Brightspark Reserve. 

9-minute webinar:
The Brightspark Reserve

Frequently asked questions

Is the Brightspark Reserve only for accredited Canadian investors? 

Yes. To participate in any Brightspark investment, investors must meet the Canadian accredited investor exemption.  

How much do I have to invest in the Reserve?

  • CAD $100k minimum for the Reserve amount
  • CAD $10k minimum allocation per individual investment
  • You can top up your Reserve amount at any time
  • If you prefer not to send us the total of your Reserve funds at once, you have the option to fill your Reserve over time. We require that you maintain a minimum amount equivalent to two investments' worth in your Reserve account at all times. We will ask you to replenish your Reserve until you reach the total Reserve amount that you initially committed to. 

For an optimum portfolio for an individual investor, Brightspark recommends a $200k Reserve amount, and a $20-25k allocation amount per investment. 

How frequently should I expect to invest with the Brightspark Reserve? And in what kind of companies?

We aim to make at least a new investment every two months. Unlike traditional VC funds, we are under no pressure to deploy capital, and we commit to only invest in what we think are the best early-stage companies in Canada. This means that the investment cadence may vary, depending on the quality of the deal flow we are seeing. 

You can have a look at our past investments to get an idea of our investment criteria and preferences.

Investors that create a Brightspark Reserve do not have to pay any additional fees. 

The fees (management fees of 2% per year for the first 3 years, one-time 2.5% admin reserve fee, 15% carried interest) are identical to the the “deal-by-deal” investments. These fees are much lower than the ones charged when investing in a Fund (when you invest in a Fund, you pay fees on ALL committed monies – usually for several years). With the Brightspark Reserve, you only pay fees on actual investments when they are made, and for a maximum of 3 years. 

Investors should note that the fee structure is subject to revisions and may change at any time. 

Are there any extra costs to the Brightspark Reserve?

Where will my money be held? Is it safe? 

Your funds are held in an non interest-bearing escrow account. 

The funds in your escrow account are 100% guaranteed, and are not at risk before they are invested in a Brightspark investment. Once your funds are invested in a Brightspark company, they are subject to the high risk of venture capital investments.

Read more about risk

What does "guaranteed investment room" mean?

One of the benefits of the Brightspark Reserve is that you are guaranteed room in every new investment, even in the case of oversubscription. We ensure that at least 50% of the invested amount in a company will be secured for Reserve investors in the case of oversubscription.

If there is a lot of interest in an investment, we may need to lower your initial investment amount to make room for other investors (we will notify you if that’s the case). 

Once I have committed, can I cancel my reserve account?

You can cancel your account at any time. Any unused funds will be returned to you within 30 days.

What type of financial instruments will I receive for my investment?

When you create a reserve account, your funds are held in an escrow account. Every time Brightspark invests in a new company, the allocated funds will be transferred to the Brightspark Limited Partnership investing in that company.

You will be a holder of units in different limited partnerships, under the same terms as Brightspark deal-by-deal offering.

What type of tax documents should I expect?

For your reserve fund, you will receive a slip for any net interests made. For each investment, you will receive a T5013 - Statement of Partnership Income by March 31st of each year.

How can I make sure my money is invested in the opportunity?

You will receive an email confirmation at the end of the opt-out period. In a maximum of 10 days after the deal is closed, we will send you the documents we have executed on your behalf. After the deal is closed, your investment in the company will appear on the platform.


Brightspark funds are available only to investors who qualify as accredited investors and for whom venture capital investments, which are risky investments, are suitable. The terms of any specific investment in a Brightspark fund shall be governed by the constituent documents of such specific investment. Any decision to invest should be made solely in reliance upon such documents and not relying on any of the information herein.